Protagonist Character
Alex the Ranter
Name: Alex the Ranter
Status: Alive
Profession: Hatred Ranting assistant
Sibling(s): David the Ranter (brother)
Voiced By: Microsoft Mike
First Appearance Let's Hope This Ends Here

"We're not here to be changing facts, we're here to testify against a flawed commentary"

- Alex making a point in a commentary

Alex the Ranter is a protagonist character in the Most Hated Stuff universe. He is the younger brother of David the Ranter, a controversy ranter that discusses the subject of things that he hates the most in life. Like his brother, Alex is a short-tempered person who usually hates things like noobs and retards. He dresses himself neat by wearing an orange turtleneck sweater with black overall pants that aren't shown onscreen. His character is based on Alex Ryson, the real-life brother of David Ryson.


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