Minor Character
Name: Benthelooney
Status: Alive
Alias(es): Ben T. Looney
Profession: Commentator and YouTube Director
Voiced By: Ben Tanhill (himself)
First Appearance Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney

"Welcome Back to Ben Rants, and when I was a kid, there was a light on at the Frankenstein Place"

- Ben's opening quote that was used in his Modern Films rant

Benthelooney (aka The Dead Horse Claim) is a character mentioned by some in the Most Hated Stuff universe being the subject of his Ben Rants video on Modern Films, which had been commentated by a veteran YouTube user known as TheUncleHammer, and in which Uncle Hammer's video was later commentated by another user known as Pittrocks56 in his video Chrono Trigger Wins, TheUncleHammer Losses. He retired from YouTube in June 2014 after more than five years of videos on the site. However, his YouTube channel continues to occasionally upload videos for updates, but no longer uses the Benthelooney character.


  • According to TheUncleHammer, Ben was a lot less of a "dead horse" subject prior to his retirement from YouTube. But can still be used as an argument subject in a legacy kind of way.

A Dead Horse?Edit

What's That's?!!?

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