Protagonist Character
David the Ranter
Name: David the Ranter
Status: Alive
Date of birth: July 8, 1982
Birthplace: Austin, Texas
Residence(s): Dallas, Texas
Profession: Hatred Ranting
Father: Johnny Ryson
Mother: Linda Ryson
Sibling(s): Alex the Ranter (brother)
Marital status: Engaged
Spouse(s): Jennifer Peterson (fiancé)
Children: Brian Ryson (born 2015)
Voiced By: Speakonia Male # 3
First Appearance Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney

David the Ranter is the main protagonist of the Most Hated Stuff channel on YouTube. He is best known for his hatred rants and commentaries he has uploaded to the site. David is a scrawny but short-tempered human character wearing a purple shirt, a green money cap loosely resembling a Conical Asian hat that reads "Starbuck$", a white belt with a bright yellow buckle, and maroon pants. The character was created by David Ryson as an inspiration of his own self, using the ranter as the main avatar for the channel's hatred-themed rants and commentary videos. David the Ranter's voice is portrayed using a computer program app known as "Speakonia", and uses the third normal-pitched male voice on that program.