Antagonist Character
Name: MacboyReducx
Status: Alive
Profession: Commentator and YouTube Director
Voiced By: MacboyReducx (himself)
First Appearance Peter Griffin responds to MacboyReducx

"OH MY GOD!! Forty-two minutes for a commentary, are you kidding me??"

- MacboyReducx making an argument on the length of David the Ranter's commentary

MacboyReducx is an antagonist character in the Most Hated Stuff universe known for directing and performing his commentary video Six Degrees of Speakonia Overdose, which had been done as a response commentary to the I Hate Commentaries video David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot. His commentary video on the subject of David the Ranter itself was commentated on by Talking Santa in his video You're on my Naughty List. He is a mediocre commentator, and is known to have plenty of holes in his points.


MacboyReducx's channel icon


  • In his commentary video on the "David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot" multi-degree commentary video, he never really addresses David the Ranter by his own name, and mostly only addresses him by the YouTube channel's name. However, Macboy does address David once by regular name in a scrolling banner that appears during a skip screen in the video.
  • Like Modern Dave, MacboyReducx has some serious disbelief against performing commentaries that reach more than a half-hour long, and frequently skips several parts during his commentary video.
  • Based on evidence proven before, MacboyReducx may have a possible obsession with cat characters. Since he uses a cat-like character for his avatar a majority of the time he has done a commentary.