Antagonist Character
Modern Dave
Name: Modern Dave
YouTube Account Name: Davidwash3r3
Status: Alive
Profession: Commentator and YouTube Director
Voiced By: Davidwash3r3 (himself)
First Appearance David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot

"God, this was a chore to sit through!"

- Modern Dave referring to David the Ranter's first commentary

Modern Dave is an antagonist character in the Most Hated Stuff universe known for being the main subject of a commentary video featuring points and testimonies on David the Ranter in his debut appearance and first ever commentary video. He is described by David the Ranter as a complete moron, absolute commentary retard, a big know-it-all, and a commentary cheater. It is pointed out that Modern Dave misreads a majority of David the Ranter's valid points in the video, as well as claiming Pittrocks56 to have known every absent, incorrect, or vaguely brought up or vaguely supported points in his commentary done on another commentary video made by TheUncleHammer. Modern Dave is also described as a "commentary cheater" due to his frequent and highly annoying skipping throughout his commentary, in which this action has angered David the Ranter. However, some claim that Modern Dave's constant skip screens are meant to be "time-saving" and are believed to keep the attention of the audience.

Toothless the Avatar

Modern Dave's avatar as he appears in his commentary video "Pointless, Thy Name is I"