Antagonist Character
Pittrocks56 avatar
Name: Pittrocks56
Status: Alive
Profession: Commentator and YouTube Director
Voiced By: Pittrocks56 (himself)
First Appearance Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney

"Folks, what can I say? Okay, I'm gonna say it. THIS COMMENTARY IS AWFUL!! Incredibly-Credibly Awful!"

- Pittrocks56 ranting about TheUncleHammer's commentary video on "Ben Rants: Modern Films"

Pittrocks56 (aka The Hit-and-Run Coward or The Cowardly Commentator) is an antagonist character in the Most Hated Stuff universe known for being the subject of David the Ranter's first ever "I Hate" commentary video "Pittrocks56 on TheUncleHammer with Benthelooney", which features David performing a commentary on Pittrocks' commentary video Chrono Trigger Wins, TheUncleHammer Losses, which had been done on TheUncleHammer's commentary video on Benthelooney's modern films rant.


  • David the Ranter refers to Pittrocks56 as a "coward" after choosing to hire a guy named Modern Dave to create a response commentary to the "I Hate" commentary video that had been on Pittrocks' commentary on TheUncleHammer rather than manning up and performing the commentary himself.