Commentary: Six Degrees of Speakonia Overdose
YouTube Account MacboyReducx
Genre Commentary
Starring MacboyReducx

David the Ranter
Modern Dave

Upload Date March 27, 2014
Running time 28:29 (total)
Official website

Six Degrees of Speakonia Overdose is a multi-degree commentary video created by MacboyReducx, and made in response to the I Hate Commentaries video David the Ranter VS. Modern Dave Idiot, which had featured David the Ranter doing a response commentary to Modern Dave's commentary video Pointless, Thy Name is I, made in response to David's first commentary video. The video was later commentated on by Talking Santa and is the subject of the "I Hate" commentary video You're on my Naughty List.


  • In this commentary, MacboyReducx uses the feline character "Waffle" from the classic animated television series "Catscratch" for his avatar.
  • Like Modern Dave, MacboyReducx has disbelief in creating commentaries that exceed 30 minutes in length, and does frequent skipping throughout the commentary video.
  • MacboyReducx never really addresses David the Ranter by his own name, and instead, he only addresses David the Ranter by his channel name, a mistake previously made by Modern Dave. However, Macboy does address David by name on a scrolling banner that appears during a skip screen.
  • MacboyReducx may have a possible obsession with cat characters.