I Hate Commentaries: The Execution of Derterifii
I Hate Commentaries Ep. 6 Title Card
YouTube Account Most Hated Stuff
Produced by John Tipling
Genre Commentary
Starring David the Ranter

Talking Santa
Modern Dave

Upload Date December 5, 2014
Running time 41:48
Preceded by A Video Too Early
Official website

The Execution of Derterifii is a multi-degree I Hate Commentaries video performed by David the Ranter and made in response to Derterifii's multi-degree commentary video David the Ranter Wears Red, a video in which the subject was the I Hate Commentaries video "You're on my Naughty List", performed by Talking Santa. Throughout the video, David threatens to kill Derterifii due to his hostile and villainous commentary behavior, though initially faking as a professional-like commentator. His most critical point in the video occurs when Derterifii points out that the Most Hated Stuff channel only had five subscribers, and David responds by explaining that the channel is still young and had yet to release a full-length hatred rant video, the channel's main focus.


  • Final commentary video performed by David the Ranter.
  • Will Garrison did not return as a producer in this video.