I Hate Commentaries: You're on my Naughty List
I Hate Commentaries Ep. 4 Title Card
YouTube Account Most Hated Stuff
Produced by John Tipling

Will Garrison

Genre Commentary
Starring Talking Santa

David the Ranter
Modern Dave

Upload Date September 25, 2014
Running time 43:02
Preceded by Let's Hope This Ends Here
Followed by A Video Too Early
Official website

You're on my Naughty List is a multi-degree I Hate Commentaries video performed by Talking Santa and made in response to MacboyReducx's multi-degree commentary video Six Degrees of Speakonia Overdose, which had been done on David the Ranter's second commentary video, in which he had done on another multi-degree commentary created by a person on YouTube known as "Modern Dave". The video marks Talking Santa's debut in the commentary community.


  • First video to use the Talking Santa theme song by Bartonox Village.
  • This is the first "I Hate" commentary to be performed by someone other than David the Ranter.
  • The video was originally scheduled to be uploaded in July 2014, but was pushed back a couple of months due to an unknown delay in production.